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Your 10X Blogger Marketing System for Now Lifestyle is Complete!

"Follow up, follow up, follow up, follow up, follow up, follow up!"

~ Joel Therien, Founder/CEO Now Lifestyle

Get started by watching all the short videos below to ensure you take full advantage of the 10X Blogger Marketing System for Now Lifestyle!  Any questions?  Contact us!


Verify that your Now Lifestyle affiliate link is correctly entered 

Log into to verify that your Now Lifestyle affiliate link is correctly entered.

Nothing around here will work if you've entered an invalid affiliate link!


Test your 10X Blogger Lead Capture Pages with your NLS autoresponder 

UPDATE: To make things even easier for you, we've combined all your Lead Capture Pages into one (the 'Lifestyle' page)!  Now you only have to worry about promoting ONE dynamic link, since we will automagically push new and high-converting content to your 'Lifestyle' Lead Capture Page :-) 

Your Product Lead Capture Page:

Your Opportunity Lead Capture Page:

Your Lifestyle Lead Capture Page:

IMPORTANT: If you don't see at least one of these test email addresses in the NLS autoresponder campaign you set up, contact us:


Experience our relentless follow-up messages firsthand! 

Keep an eye on your inbox after opting into your Lead Capture Pages above!

Watch for all those daily follow-up messages you didn't have to write :-)


Marvel at your content-rich, self-branding authority blog! 

Here's your cAsE-sEnSiTiVe affiliate link to the 10X Blogger blog (no lead capture):

While you're there, look at the 2,000+ blog posts (more daily!) you didn't have to compose :-)


Create affiliate links to ANY 10X Blogger blog post (POWERFUL!) 

Log into to create affiliate links to any 10X Blogger blog posts.

Quickly share valuable content posts on social media sites or emails!


Add your paid Facebook leads to the 10X Blogger follow-up machine!

Finally!  Now you can follow up the right way with your paid Facebook leads by building 'know, like and trust' with them.

(This same technique can be used to add prospects from other lists you own to the 10X Blogger relationship-building machine.)


Promote your 'Product' and 'Opportunity' Lead Capture pages

Promote 10X Blogger's Lead Capture Pages responsibly to targeted prospects only.

We have zero tolerance for anything spammy and all complaints are taken seriously.


Check that you received the $1 test payment into your PayPal account

This is super important to make sure you receive those instant $500 commissions.  Enough said.  If you don't see the test payment, contact us.


Monitor your traffic from the 10X Blogger Rotator (full transparency)

Use your ClickMagick stats link below to see in real-time the traffic you are receiving from the 10X Blogger Rotator:


Give your direct  link to your Team members (bypassing the Rotator) 

Here's the link you should share with your Team members to ensure that you earn the $500 commissions from their purchases:

NOTE: This link will fall flat on its face if you promote it with cold traffic (solos, groups, TEs etc.).  Share only with those close to you.


Plug into 10X Blogger training and strategies from Tissa himself!

A big part of the value in 10X Blogger for Now Lifestyle comes from ongoing support from the product creator himself.

Make sure you join our Facebook group where you'll find Tissa and many other 10X Bloggers collaborating for success!


Last but not least: Stay positive and manage your expectations! 

This one's a biggie.  Don't let your mindset get in the way of 10X Blogger doing what it WILL do for your NLS business over time!


BONUS: Receive $50 in FREE Facebook leads for your NLS business!

I'm a huge believer in over-delivering VALUE.  With that in mind, I'm going to give you $50 in Facebook leads for your Now Lifestyle business when you submit a testimonial for 10X Blogger!  I can't think of a better way to help you get started!

I'm honored you're here and I'm here to help!

10X Blogger for Now Lifestyle has been a labor of love for me.  It's personally important to me that 10X Blogger's Marketing System truly 10X's your Now Lifestyle business.  By consistently delivering massive value to your prospects with carefully curated content, together we can 'spread the word' and build Now Lifestyle into the billion-dollar company it's destined to become.  Let's enjoy the ride together!

~ Tissa Godavitarne
~ 10X Blogger Creator

~ Questions?  Contact us!